A Little Bit Of This And That

Been a pretty a long time without update... not doing anything important in particular, just slacking around like usual. So here are some photos to catch up.

And I'm not sure if I arrange these photos chronologically. But who cares, right?

Some film to start, Neopan SS 100 pushed to 400. FM2n + 50/1.4. Exposed about almost two months ago. Only very few usable frames in this roll, I had only exposed half a roll when I wanted to change into some color for reason I already forgot... but then I accidentally rolled the neg all the way through, darn it. Yeah I know there's a trick to pull it out from the canister again but I had never tried it and I didn't want to take chance for fear of ruining the neg. I got some frames I knew I'd like in this roll. Like this one:

I'm sooo gonna print this. ;) Metty with her signature pout, hehe.

Metty again, with Mita. Dunno why I made Mita out of focus. Dunno what she's doing either. :o

A frame I also like though it's out of focus. Love it mostly for her prominent fang. It's not her distinctive "fang slipping through the lips" smile (which I haven't got a picture of!), but I think this is still pretty Mita-ish. :)

Sinang with an empty Fanta bottle.

Made and Sukma. Overexposed this one, horrible skin tone. :|

A bit better. Sukma in a small kiosk.

And another roll of Neopan SS 100+2, but this time using the less versatile 50/1.8 lens. Not really happy either with how most of the frames turn out. God I'm getting really sloppy with films. I forgot exactly when I exposed this roll but from the photos I could only remember it was Sunday.

Random objects, overexposed negative, and a bad quality scan result in an art piece! Heh.

Someone trying to be different.

Getting sloppy with compositions as well. How could I not notice the obvious curve framing here? Argh.

The marching band of Gadjah Mada University was giving a performance that morning in the campus boulevard, they were also having some fund raising for their next competition.

At least I like the last shot. : \

(Bad) hipshot.

This didn't turn out as interesting as I had thought.

So did this.

Liked this one, though most people didn't seem to agree. Another hipshot, taken in a convenient store near my home.

Sis Iin, we were visiting a friend's mom in a hospital. The funky lighting is the result of afternoon sunlight coming through a window at the end of the dark corridor being reflected by the white tiles. Oh, and this is digital.

Some digital BW from around Krasak bridge in Yogyakarta-Central Java border.

...This entry feels crappy. There are some frames that I like, but... Lately I don't feel confident too about my recent works. No improvements. The same stuff over and over again. Tried going out a lot and take photos... but I still feel something missing. I feel... tired.