I'm gonna admit, I'm not a sport person. I suck at pretty much any kind of sports out there. Used to be quite good at swimming, but that was around 9 years ago or so. Now, I don't think I'd last 10 minutes in the pool without getting a leg cramp.

But that fact doesn't deter me from coming along with friends whenever they wanna do some sport. And just like many other youth in Jogja these days, futsal is the popular choice. The game itself has been played for long, but it wasn't until around mid 2007 (if I remember correctly) that futsal places began popping out in the city like mushrooms sprouting in monsoon. Even until now, when roaming the streets I still often find new signs pointing to a recently built futsal places.

This particular one they rent was a small one, consisting of only one field and it wasn't really properly lit either, but if you're just playing for fun it's always sufficient.

Waiting for their turns to play. By the end of the game Choi's team got completely slaughtered, haha. The score was... well, actually we stopped counting when his opponent team was in the lead by (at least) 5 goals. And the score gap kept getting further afterwards. ;)

(Waited for the ball to drop somewhere on the upper part of the frame. Didn't happen.)
From November 4th. Taken around the time when a big change was supposed to be happening. In contrast nothing much was happening in this part of the world, and while I'm somewhat glad to see the result, to be honest I don't really see how the whole thing's gonna affect this country that much either. Perhaps these guys do.

"Follow the star". Indeed.