During my last days in Jakarta, Karina generously lent me her G11 to play around with (thanks again, Kay!). The small camera helped in some part of the commissioned work when I had to shoot inside malls, where shooting with a DSLR would attract too much unwanted attention. It had been a while since I shot with anything other than a DSLR and it took me some time to get used to the control and handle, but after I got the hang of it I gotta say I enjoyed the experience. Ever since I start doing street photography I have no problem raising a camera in front of strangers, but the swivel display of G11 is a pretty fun feature to do some hip-shooting (though, is it still called hip-shooting when you can see what you're aiming your lens at?). 

All of these photos are made with G11, and they conclude my posts from Jakarta. The two weeks I spent there, unexpectedly, was not as bad as I had thought. Sure, with its hellish traffic, it's not exactly the best place to joyride and navigate around. But if you can just say "fuck it", and go do it anyway, you'd be surprised by how many amazing things you can witness while randomly explore the city. Many times I was too dumbfounded by what I saw to take pictures and now I feel like I want to go there just so I could encounter those bizarre moments again. I can't say I've come to like Jakarta (in fact I'm pretty sure I never will!), but now I think I'm starting to understand the peculiar energy it has.