Kumpul Buku Foto Yogyakarta

You might remember that a while back in June, Budi Dharmawan and I made a little photobook gathering event at the end of our mini exhibition Eye to Eye. At that time, I said that I would love to make a bigger one in the future. Well guess what, it's happening this weekend!

The basic premise is still the same as the previous gathering: if you have some photobooks you'd like to share with other photobook lovers, just simply bring them to the venue. We will list your books and then put them on display where other guests can freely browse them. After the event is over (or anytime you want to leave) you can take back your books. Rest assured, we have volunteers who will make sure that your books is well cared during the event. Oh, and even if you don't have photobooks to bring, don't hesitate to come all the same! 

Aside from looking at photobooks, on Friday you can also attend a talk by Mohammad Safir Makki and Aji Susanto Anom who have both published their own photobook this year. All in all, I hope this gathering will be even more fun than the previous one in June. See you guys there!

Open hours:
  • Friday, November 15th: 9AM - 9PM (Talk with Mohammad Safir Makki and Aji Susanto Anom at 3 PM)
  • Saturday, November 16th: 9AM - 4PM