Before I Go To Sleep - Mari Koleksi! Exhibition

It's been forever since the last time I updated this blog, but now I'm glad to inform you that I am currently showing (part of) my latest project Before I Go To Sleep in the inaugural edition of Mari Koleksi! exhibition in Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta (KPY).

The show marks the launch of Kamar Dagang KPY (KPY Chamber of Commerce), the latest initiative from the community to financially support its free educational program, while at the same time endorsing the photographic works of its students, administrators, and affiliates alike. Through this program, KPY also attempts to develop a culture of appreciating photography by means of buying and collecting photographers' works either in the form of prints (which is basically close to non-existent at this point in Indonesia) or their derivative merchandise. That means yes, my exhibited photographs are available as prints if you want to buy them. :)

The project Before I Go To Sleep itself is a short series which was started around September last year as an effort to get myself to start taking pictures again. Since the last 2-3 years I find it difficult to photograph like the way I used to, because I'm just terrible when it comes to having multiple tasks to focus to, and my responsibilities in KPY already occupy most of my time and energy. When I tried to photograph during the day I kept thinking of all the unfinished business I still need to do on that day and it made me unable to really pay attention to my surrounding. Simply put, I couldn't "see" anything that way and it's very frustrating. So to get around that problem, I decided to start taking pictures late at night, after all my tasks of the day are done and I don't need to think about anything else. I would ride around Jogja, watching familiar sceneries turn into something very different when they're illuminated by street lamps under the blanket of the night sky. Combined with the state of mind I'm in (tired, sleepy), it's quite an interesting atmosphere to work in. 

I plan to eventually make this series into a small book format containing around 25-30 photographs, hopefully to be published in the coming months. For this current exhibition I'm showing 10 photographs, two of which available as a limited edition prints, with the rest available as framed uneditioned prints in 2 different sizes.

An exhibition view of Mari Koleksi! The series Before I Go To Sleep is shown on the left side.

The exhibition is ongoing until March 25th (update: extended until 28th!), so please visit when you're in town! I will share the 10 photographs here on the blog after the exhibition is over. If you're interested in purchasing some of the prints, shoot me an email ( or leave your email address on the comments below and I will send you the pricelist. 

Go Tik Swan Heritage House (Dalem Hardjonagaran) for ELLE Decoration Indonesia August-September 2014

Another article I contributed to the latest issue of ELLE Decor Indonesia. It was a pretty interesting experience photographing this house less than 2 weeks after we're done covering Guerillabunker, as they couldn't be more far apart. Dalem Hardjonagaran is inconspicuously tucked in between common store buildings on a busy street in Solo, but going inside it turns out to be quite spacious, consisted of numerous structures for different purposes like making batik, making keris, and storage rooms for valuables. There is even a pendopo which was the inauguration place for Pakubuwono II, and that took place in 1726. So this site indeed has quite the history. Go Tik Swan himself was famously commissioned by Soekarno to design what would be called Batik Indonesia, and he did so by incorporating various elements of other existing batik styles. The batik he designed is still produced until this day, continued by his disciples. 


Text Mira Asriningtyas
Photography Kurniadi Widodo

(click for bigger pictures)

Guerillabunker for ELLE Decoration Indonesia August-September 2014

Now this is one cool house that's really easy on the eye. The home of Santi Ariestyowanti & Dyatmiko Bawono, more widely known as the artist duo indieguerillas, is so full of details on every corner that it feels like you could point a camera anywhere and would still get an interesting picture out of it. (It certainly helps during the shoot!) The style is decidedly eclectic; East meets West, the traditional past comfortably mingling with the urban and the contemporary. From antique cabinets housing hip toys, stair steps made out of skateboards, Hello Kitty dressed as KISS personels, to Raden Saleh's famous painting Capture of Prince Diponegoro reimagined in the style of HergĂ©, the mix and clash are endless. And yet it all works. 

All I'm saying is, I had lots of fun photographing this assignment. Here are the tearsheets:


Hip and Visually Stunning: Guerillabunker!
Text Mira Asriningtyas 
Photography Kurniadi Widodo

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