New Kids On The Block

If you're a street photography enthusiast from Indonesia, I have a good news for you. There is now a group/collective called Unposed which deals with anything that has to do with street photography, especially those which come from Indonesia. At this moment there is still not much to see, but later on we plan to post articles, news, features, and perhaps interviews with photographers who engage in the practice of street photography. The group also accepts picture or article submissions, the details of which can be found on the site. Unposed is only available in Indonesian (at least for now), but even if you don't speak the language don't let that stop you from at least visiting and take a look at the gallery --more photographers to come! We hope that the birth of this group could contribute to the development of photography in the country.

Oh, and I hope you are appreciating the irony that a post which promotes a site called "Unposed" is accompanied with a picture of a guy striking a pose. Heh. I really wish I had a more badass street picture to go with this post but unfortunately this is all I got. :o