Last Sunday morning, light was nice so I took a walk for a while around a fly-over near home. Still with digital, gawd it really takes me a while to finish the TMAX 100 currently loaded in my FM2... perhaps because it *is* a TMAX, don't wanna waste it too much on stupid frames.

Always love to make compositions out of road marks, they're made of simple lines and shapes so it's good for practice. Plus sometimes you can get new ideas too from these simple frames.

A man walking into infinity.

And I'm a sucker for long shadows. Gotta try setting the camera in timer and hang it on my neck the next time I make this kinda frame... the "taking picture" pose is getting boring.

Obeying the rule.

This one was supposed to be a word play... but I think only Indonesian would get it.

More road marks.

And street sign and lamp.

That guy seemed to be waiting for someone, or something.

Ah, yes, speaking about some beautiful light. Only intended to get the lines and those funky shadows at first try, but then I realized the small gap on the bottom right (or should I say top left, since it's rotated) could be filled by something. A distinct shadow of a biker fit nicely.

And since the scene was that beautiful, I decided to wait just in case another interesting subject would pass the place. Fifteen minutes went by without anything good, I was about to give up and move on to another place, when this suddenly came up:

Owh yeah.

It was worth the wait, I really like this one. :) It's a construction worker who's going to work on some columns which needed repair.

Another worker on the site.

A food vendor for anyone needing breakfast. Yay for tilted horizon.

The noon after did some shooting for that residential houses project my architecture friends are making... Oh yeah, speaking about that, the photograph which I submitted for the next issue of JPGMag is also taken from that project. If you're also on JPG and feeling generous, I'll be grateful if you can vote for it. ;) You can see the link on the right side of this page.

Anyway, working on this project, I realize how much additional lightings can affect interior photos. Being a dumbass I am, I thought you'd only need a tripod and a wide enough lens to do interior photography... boy was I wrong. Cause at one point you're gonna meet those tricky situations where the contrast is too high to capture perfectly without the help of additional fill-in lights. Used to hate flash and the likes, but now I'm seriously considering saving up to purchase some simple studio lights. Depending on how creative you are, they can give some interesting results... plus they can open up new possibilities on other photography fields which is always a good thing.

Don't have any interesting frames from the project itself, this one snapshot I like though:

Dina's easy to be caught off guard. :D

This one was also found in the house I was shooting, surely not going to be in the book but I love it nonetheless.

And to end this yet another short entry, sincerely yours:

Take care, everyone!
Random photos. All digital, haven't got the chance to shoot film again.

Ah, morning sun seen through our living room window. This is a scene that has been absent for the last few days (this one was taken about a week ago) We now got heavy clouds hanging around all day long yet with a very low rate of rain. It's cold, it's humid, it's shitty. Makes me feel weak.

Random friends.

Never knew our architecture campus studio can be a nice place to photograph when all the lights are off. Like this particular one, it's my friend Ucok thinking how he'd make the model of a friend's final project.

From another angle.

....Self! Set with timer. And yes that's a very terrible pose I'm making.

The girl who's going to be sent to another island (haha!) to do her public service. She gets to teach village people how to read too. Heh, good luck with that Met. Reminds me that my friends are leaving for that public service business in less than two weeks...

Kasman and Ian playing table tennis... but against who?

It's Holy! He's so good he can go against two opponents by himself. I mean, look at that firm stance.

Took this one from the wooden building you see in the last photo.

More random friends. Took this one for that "creating future writer" ad on the announcement board.

My motorcycle. Going home.

And a few days ago I went with some friends to see this contemporary circus show... it was amazing. Elegantly performed by Eric Lecomte of Compagnie 9.81 (see their website here) Took a few shots (well, okay, lots of them actually) but none came out well. It was dark, I saw all the actions from basically the wrong side of the stage, and to top it off he was moving around so fast that it's hard to keep up with him. Anyway, enough excuses, here are some that I'm not too ashamed of to show.

Gee, this entry's short. Posting for the sake of posting I guess.

Okay, so, before you say anything, I know, digitally cropped square images are stupid. Still, I wanted to practice my composing skill and I've never tried square frames before so here's my take on it.

These are details of an old Fiat, taken while waiting for a friend to come to do some school assignment. D50 with kit lens.

And yesterday we visited a friend's dad who got hospitalized. It's getting like some kind of trend lately.

The girls, at the hospital corridor.

After that I went with Sasha to help her making some bulb photos for her photography class assignment. She had to use film for the assignment so I lent her my FM2n. Brought along the D50 to help calculating the exposure. As expected, the 50mm wasn't wide enough to cover the view we wanted to capture so we had to resort to using the *gasps* D50's kit lens with the FM2... It's a lens designed for a digital body so it lacks an aperture ring. When used with older bodies it'll only work with the smallest aperture available at a given focal length, which is f/22 at the widest end. That, combined with the ASA 100 film Sasha used, gave us quite long exposures... one of which reached a whooping 5 minutes. To top it off, I didn't have a cable release so we actually had to keep pressing the fucking shutter for 5 minutes... on a windy night, on the side of a busy road, with a fragile cheap ass chinese-made tripod. Oh yeah.

Sha, you better start crossing your fingers. :p

Besides accompanying her I also took some snaps here and there around the flyover we photographed, and that's when I realized that the city at night could be very different than daytime. Not just the light, but the whole atmosphere of it. It's like.... the places you recognize get absorbed within the darkness and in turn this new, unfamiliar sceneries unfold before your eyes, replacing the places you think you know. It's interesting, I need to get out more during the night.

I wanted to take more photos but it's getting late and I had to take her home. Well, not before we took a self portrait.

Fifteen seconds, and none of us stayed still enough to keep us sharp. Sasha actually looks sharper than I am, heh. I could get away with faster shutter, but we wanted to get those fancy car light streaks... though as you can see here, there weren't *any* cars passing by...

Well, hope this finds you all well!