So here are are the photos from the shoot-out session.

Finishing up the Neopan SS 100 roll. As usual pushed to 400. FM2n with 50/1.4.

Erik. Very cool guy, I've always wanted to meet him since I follow his photos in FN. He shoots the weirdest things, in the weirdest methods... which is interesting. At least he's not in those mainstream bullshit circle. My focus in this shot is bullshit though. Hah.

His newest toy, he was testing it out that day. A second hand Praktica (forgot the model), which no one else around here uses. Coolness factor!

We were shooting in Bringharjo market. Went early, there still weren't many people around.

And that's it from the Neopan.

The rest are from TMAX 400 normal.

And then moving out to my favorite hunting ground, the bird market Ngasem.

And that's all. This entry really lacks of commentaries, I know. Dunno, just don't feel like writing anything. Thank you for checking out the photos for all of you who did.

Most of my close friends will soon be out of town for about 2 months... scattered all around Java doing public service organized by the university. And I'll be left here. I feel lonely already.
Negscans from 2 rolls of Neopan SS 100 @ 400. Random stuff taken weeks ago with FM2n and 50/1.4. Getting a well placed focus with the 50/1.4 wide open still proves troublesome to me.

And I really need to learn to keep my horizon straight, dammit.

Ara, talking with Mita about... internet speed, if I'm not mistaken. Not a girlish subject. But then again they're not exactly girlish anyway.

Arm wrestling! A very amusing match between Wepi (left) and Taufik (right). The winner was already obvious, we did it pretty much for hilarity purpose. :D

Wepi resorted to using two hands, hehehe. Taufik still easily beat him. After this it got even funnier with Wepi forcing another friend --a rather skinny one too-- to help him arm wrestle making it a two-against-one match. Didn't change a darn thing, Taufik still won. It was fucking hilarious, I got a picture of it but it's way too blurry since I was too busy laughing my ass off like everyone else. Good times.

Hey, shouldn't it be the other way around?

Hah, I love this portrait. Slightly missfocused, but very Wepi-ish. ;p

Ian. I like the second one.

There's a new fad going on in campus: playing chess!

Hurray for missfocused pics!

Very serious game. It sucks when being played among too many spectators though, since you get unwanted advices which really screw up your own strategy. And since they're not taking sides, the advice goes to both of the players which often makes the game prolonged...

Dwi watching Minoz playing.

Me waiting my turn to get a haircut. I like my hair really short so I don't have to comb it, hah. Besides, I look really goofy with long hair since it gets puffy and not falling down.

That's my dad, he got dengue fever a while back and had to be hospitalized for about a week. It was the first time he had to stay in a hospital for being sick so we were really worried... but thank god he's gotten a lot better now.

More random friends shots:

And random places:

And a beautiful camera to end this entry:

Yeah, it's not sold yet. Perhaps I should just give up and sell it to a camera shop though I'll have to deal with the lower price...

I've mentioned on previous entry last week that I had a shoot-out session with a few people, gonna post the photos from that session later!