Mini Exhibition: Eye to Eye

I'm currently having a mini exhibition with my friend Budi Dharmawan over at Lir Shop. It's a very modest exhibition without any specific theme nor curatorial statement. We are simply showing snapshots we made over the years. I have to say though, since Budi does a better job of keeping most of his photos unpublished, you'll find his offering of 52 color photographs to be fresh. On the contrary, almost all of the 48 b/w photographs I displayed have been posted to this blog at some point. The fact that I barely made any new photographs lately certainly didn't help. But hey, don't let that discourage you to see the exhibition. Perhaps you'll see some old favorites along with some newer ones.

A couple of things of note:

- Since this exhibition is basically done for fun (we're merely filling in an empty slot in Lir's space schedule because the owners, Mira & Dito, are getting married and obviously can't be bothered with organizing more serious exhibitions), the time of the exhibition is also pretty flexible. Though the official closing date is June 2nd, it might go on longer if nobody else is using the space until mid June.

- As you can see in the photo below, we are using basic 5x7 prints, hung with wooden clips on threads. This simple presentation gave me an idea of making some sort of rotating display, with me changing the photos and their placements in random intervals for the duration of the exhibit. That way, if you visit more than once there's a possibility of encountering a different set of photographs. 

- I am planning to give away the prints at the end of the exhibition. Keep in mind, these aren't limited edition prints. I'm just thinking that since these photos will just end up collecting dust at some corners in my room if I take them home (I'm very bad at keeping physical archives), it's probably a better idea to give them to people who might be able to use them somehow. Whether it's just framing and hanging them or other creative uses, I'd like to see what other people would do with my photos. Since the closing date of the exhibition is still unclear, I don't have any exact methods yet as to how people will get the prints. But the basic idea is you have to be there in person to claim the prints. You can't order it beforehand, and I won't send it by mail. First come first served. I will give updates on this blog when I've decided, so stay tuned.

With that said, if you're in town please do visit! Lir is open daily (except Monday) from 10 AM to 8 PM.