Yeah I know, I've been slacking again.

Something has been in my mind for a while now... A friend proposed this idea of doing a joint photo project about the city we live in, Jogja. I gladly welcome it, since the concept is something I've also felt for as long as I've lived here, yet I haven't been bothered to give it further thoughts. Now since somebody else brought it up I'm starting to wonder if it's really something which could be worked out. Problem is, I'm not sure how to visualize it. How do you photograph something which isn't even visible? I'm not good at elaborating ideas, but to put it simple, it is something about a sense of belonging to a place. Something which makes people feel right at home in this small city of Jogja, even when it's not their actual hometown. I know a lot of people like that, myself included. When I ask people this, there are the obvious factors such as low living cost, the hospitality, the convenience of going around the city due to its relatively small size, etc etc... but I've always thought it goes beyond that though I can't tell what. If you live in Jogja for quite some time you'll know what I mean. Perhaps it's something in the air, I don't know.

While I (lazily) ponder about that, here are few photos.