I'll Be Lurking

Just wanna tell you guys, I wouldn't be updating for some time... Some of you already know the reason, but for those who don't... my old man died last Friday (8/29). It came as a shock to everyone cause nobody saw it coming, he wasn't sick or anything... he just suddenly collapsed after watering his plants and kept complaining that he had trouble breathing. His condition quickly got worse and later he passed out, so we rushed him to the hospital but it was already too late.

And so, being the only living child, I am pretty much the head of the family now... with all the responsibilities that naturally follow. There are also unfinished matters which need to be taken care of, along with other things which I suppose will take quite a while to get used to.

But I'm okay. I'll still be around and will definitely be shooting again, but... at this moment, I'll be occupied with getting things back on place again. For the mean time, take care of yourself, and your family. :)

...I kind of regret not having that much frames of him though he had always been around... this is one of my lasts, and one that I like quite a lot:

Farewell, dad.