Kurniadi Widodo
b. 1985

My initial encounter with photography is the typical story of so many others who stumble upon it in the digital era: through the use of a simple digital consumer camera. I only got mine in 2005, originally meant to help me doing college assignments. But as I used it more and more, I slowly became fascinated and intrigued by how the camera represented the world around me—quite differently than I thought it would. By 2006 I decided to take up photography seriously and haven't looked back ever since. I have no formal education in photography, I learn what I know by doing it and reading as much as I can from whatever sources available and accessible to me, as well as discussion with like-minded individuals around.

Probably influenced by my brief study in architecture, in photography I am mostly interested in urban issues: how a city develops and how it affects its inhabitants, the human conditions within our built environments, and also the relationship people have with them. I am based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, photographing various aspects of the city whenever I have the chance and planning to continue to do so for years to come. 

This blog is a kind of visual sketchbook, where I can share photographs I've made along with thoughts I have on photography. 

I am also available for commissions and assignments. For further inquiries please contact me.

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