Job orders I'm getting are pretty much next to nothing lately, so I've been chasing down whatever little money I can get... one of which by trying my luck participating in a street photo competition in Yogyakomtek, an annual IT expo in Jogja. In the end I won 3rd place. It's not much, but not too bad either I suppose. Kinda reminds me of a small bit on this documentary about Winogrand, where a woman asked him "What's happening?" to which he chuckled and replied, "I'm surviving!"

130910 - Folk Afternoon #5: On the Rooftop

Folk Afternoon is an acoustic music event initiated by Sandi Kalifadani in collaboration with Lir. In it, anyone attending is invited and actually encouraged to participate by singing and playing their own favorite songs. No setlist, no fixed sequence of performers, just people playing music in a relaxed atmosphere. It's been running somewhat irregularly in Lir for about a year now, with the fifth edition last Sunday being a bit different than usual: it took place on a rooftop in Kaliurang, away from the city.

To get information on the next Folk Afternoon (hint: they're going to have another outdoor session soon) you can follow their Facebook page and Twitter