I'm wondering if I should join a photostory workshop which will take place... tomorrow. I knew the news since last Monday, but been hesitating until now. Since it's tomorrow, I suppose today's the last day for registration. The workshop will be held for three days, from tomorrow to Sunday. What's holding me back is the entrance fee, which I think is kinda pricey... wonder if it's gonna worth it. But honestly, I want to come. Man, I'm such an indecisive bastard. ;P

The workshop is organized by Srengenge, which I hadn't heard before, but after further checking turned out to be an advertising agency. Kinda weird since the workshop is more about journalistic stuff... Anyway, check out their website here. The workshop will feature Sigit Pamungkas, the Indonesian contributor for Reuters. You can find some of his photos in Lapindo mud reportage in this month's edition of National Geographic Indonesia, though the photos in it are mostly Feri Latief's works, the original photographer assigned for the reportage.

So... what to do, what to do? I may have to decide that on the way to campus today.

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tamara said...

hi do...sekarang lagi ikut workshop itu? sukese sukses jadi fotografernya ^_^