A little photo series I made during a blackout a couple of days ago. Partly inspired by one of the pillows' song, Subhuman (lyric).

Also a random set of photos... from here and there, taken across this week. Not in chronological order.

From Phuket, a Thailand food stall near Lempuyangan flyover. Not really a fan of Thailand food, just went there to accompany a friend who made an article for campus magz. The service was good though, the owners are *very* friendly. They know how to make customers feel at home. And the fairly moderate prices are always good to have.

A quick portrait I made of them. Man, I really need to improve my talking skills, they look kinda tense here.

A boyscout I saw in Boko temple. Taken on the morning before I went to the funeral in the previous entry. The only BW photo in this entry, kinda weird to have this here but I did intend to make it BW.

Little car, little palms.

Some dumb looking doves. They were busy with each other but as soon as I put the camera to my eye they just stopped. And what's with that one leg stand anyway? What the hell, stupid birds.

School friends, we were out to do an assignment:

And heck, macros to end this.

What a weird entry this is. You can all blame Basuki, he's the one forcing me to post something here. Go post something yourself Bas, hahah. ;p


Anonymous said...

wah...dah lama gak liat, makin rajin.
keep up the good work. Inggrisnya jago euy....thanks, ricohgrd.wordpress.com

albert said...

Whoa, I love your colors.

albert said...

...and after reading all your archives, I realized why it looks so familiar. My favorite color film! Superia ASA 400! Most versatile, with punchy emerald and moody flourescent-lighting tones!