Random photos. All digital, haven't got the chance to shoot film again.

Ah, morning sun seen through our living room window. This is a scene that has been absent for the last few days (this one was taken about a week ago) We now got heavy clouds hanging around all day long yet with a very low rate of rain. It's cold, it's humid, it's shitty. Makes me feel weak.

Random friends.

Never knew our architecture campus studio can be a nice place to photograph when all the lights are off. Like this particular one, it's my friend Ucok thinking how he'd make the model of a friend's final project.

From another angle.

....Self! Set with timer. And yes that's a very terrible pose I'm making.

The girl who's going to be sent to another island (haha!) to do her public service. She gets to teach village people how to read too. Heh, good luck with that Met. Reminds me that my friends are leaving for that public service business in less than two weeks...

Kasman and Ian playing table tennis... but against who?

It's Holy! He's so good he can go against two opponents by himself. I mean, look at that firm stance.

Took this one from the wooden building you see in the last photo.

More random friends. Took this one for that "creating future writer" ad on the announcement board.

My motorcycle. Going home.

And a few days ago I went with some friends to see this contemporary circus show... it was amazing. Elegantly performed by Eric Lecomte of Compagnie 9.81 (see their website here) Took a few shots (well, okay, lots of them actually) but none came out well. It was dark, I saw all the actions from basically the wrong side of the stage, and to top it off he was moving around so fast that it's hard to keep up with him. Anyway, enough excuses, here are some that I'm not too ashamed of to show.

Gee, this entry's short. Posting for the sake of posting I guess.


subasuba said...

it's good to have that guilty feeling for not posting, since i always check your blog almost everyday. hihi.

Karolus Naga said...

foto sirkus terakhir apik ... nggonku remuk kabeh hiiksks .... push 400 eh pas diproses normal satus ... sial..
wah do rame ngomong opo kuwi nang thread, US ??? .... siiipp !!