Sekaten Fair 2008, First Visit

It's that time of the year again, a month long traditional fair preceding the Gerebeg Maulud, the celebration of Prophet Muhammad birthday. The real Sekaten ceremony itself actually only starts a week before the Gerebeg, and consists of playing the palace ceremonial gamelan for a week long to attract people to come to the mosque. As such, the fair is originally just a mere company to the ceremony, but nowadays people are attracted more to the fair than the actual ceremony... even the gamelan sounds could be barely heard, drowned in the noise from the nearby fair.

But anyway, the fair is always crowded so it's always a good opportunity to photograph people. So one day I met up with Erik, Naga, Lucy, and Aul to snap around. I came late, everyone else already waited for me so as soon as I got there we went straight inside.

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As usual families with little kids are everywhere.

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This guy sat on a really sweet spot, I made a few alternative compositions out of this single scene alone:

image name

image name

image name
"Men & Women" This one would have been nicer with a higher shutter speed...

image name

"Selling clothes" The badass photographer himself. :))

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As the night slowly crawled in, rain started to pour down so we stopped taking pictures and started looking for shelter. Later on we went to a nearby angkringan to grab some food and warm drink. And as expected everytime a heavy rain hits town, the electricity was out...

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The fair will still be there through March so I look forward to go there again, either to take pictures or just to hang out and enjoy the atmosphere. I miss going there with the friends from architecture campus...

Oh and yes I made some layout adjustments on the blog which result in bigger pictures. Bigger! Mmmm. This layout should just fit in 1024x768 resolution and probably look as good in bigger resolutions. Hope this finds you all well!


mattaustinphoto said...

Fucking great post, man! Jesus. What a sense of your frame! Fantastic perspective, keep it up. Really well done.


Karolus Naga said...

woahahaha dah balik dari makErot yo .. sukses wis gede saiki anune (blog) ...

hayo sekatenan durung tuku klobot karo teh melati.. :P

Wanderer said...

the whizzkid himself!

Wid said...

Thanks for visiting and the link back! :)

Size does matter... :p nek mrono meneh kabar-kabari yo

om Igor:
Halah ini mesti ngomentari headernya, belom ketemu image simple lain yg cocok om

danz said...

rock n' roll baby!

erik said...

tob wid....header-e ;));))

btw...oleh uplot fotomu ra, critane mbales ;));))

Rey said...

aku seneng foto bianglala sing pertama, soale kethok banget bedane antara mas'e sing meneng karo bianglala-ne sing bergerak.

Trus iyo wid, sing cah cilik loro memang kethok'e apikan lek speed-e luwih tinggi, tp kadang lek motret ki sok keprucut yo... trus momennya lewat (soale aku kerep ngono, hehe).

Trus karo sing ono cah lanang nggandol aku yo seneng. Wis... apik2 lah wid... :)