Okay, some quick update.

Just got back from Jakarta this morning. Last Friday night was the launching of FN's new monthly online magazine, the Exposure Magz. Since I had nothing better to do in Jogja I thought heck, why not go over there to attend it. Especially since Igor is featured in its first edition and he was to present his published work in the event. Now who would want to miss that? You just knew it would be a blast and it really was. :D And aside from that, I finally got to meet some other cool people whom I only knew online before. Was really nice to meet them all, though with some I only got to exchange few words.

Anyway, photos.

On the way to Jakarta aboard the Senja Utama, a business class train. In Indonesia that simply means "economy class with less crowded passengers".

The day after the launching night I got the opportunity to shoot with some of the new friends (Thanks to Andi, Salim, Anton for the invite!) so we went to Kota, their favorite spot to shoot.

Went there with Erik, parked the car in Fatahillah and less than a minute after that I already saw this:

And a 100% crop of the left guy, just so you can get a deeper understanding (whatever the hell that means) of the moment:

Oh yeah. ;)

Then we went to this rather new underground tunnel which recently got pretty popular among street shooters in Jakarta. Simply put, it is to street photography in Jakarta like sunset is to landscape enthusiasts (or photo hobbyist in general). Everybody seems to have a picture of it. ;)

The place got even more famous since apparently now you can't take pictures there without a permit, even though the tunnel is clearly a public space. The story goes that one day a local photojournalist took some pictures of the place, which, let's just say wasn't exactly in its cleanest condition at that time. The pictures got published in a newspaper, of course along with some criticism regarding the maintenance of the place. That publication certainly annoyed some people, and they somehow decided that the best solution to the problem was to completely restrict people from taking pictures of the place. Brilliant.

Thought this one was a proper reaction for that story:

The place itself is pretty nice. If you're into lines, shapes, and the likes you will definitely see a lot of abstract compositions you could work on.

Some sort of tribute to Dani, I guess. ;)

I suppose the cat wasn't too impressed.

Afterward we went to Beos train station. Really cool place, but I wasn't really into it somehow.

That would be all. Now if you would excuse me, gonna shoot the crowd in Soundrenaline, daylight doesn't look too good now but who knows as the day slowly shifts. Stay tuned for photos from the event, when I get back I'll post them as soon as possible.


Dani Subagja said...

Menyenangkan bisa meyaksikan secara langsung petuah dari Ticer.

Ditambah beberapa frame yg artsfull dari ibu kota. 8->

tomé said...

some terrific imagery, yes sir.

[ btw i too am a sorts of professional procrastinator... but havent forgot ;) ]

Hopy Familianto said...

kurang puas wid kalo cuman 1 hari hunting, hehe..

Kapan-kapan gw yg maen deh ke jogja, kalo dah dapet cuti


Wanderer said...

mhemhang dhani adhalah idhola khithaa

(kok ya kober 100% crop)

yuwono said...

I wish Senja Utama serve singapore jkt as well... 8-> i will definitely sit down & listen Ticer's presentation.

I really love those feet and goat pictures!

Karolus Naga said...

ticer memang mencerahkan ...

dani juga ^:)^

Kuli Tinta said...

This is quite a nice blog you have, nice work. jakarta is a nice place to photo hunt, it has what social scientists called as diversity. and that is a good place to start, Kota and the Fatahillah Museum.

Well, I found your blog when browsing on Indonesian photographers' blogs. I just managed to make my own blog, you can find me in www.lensakulitinta.blogspot.com, please stop by and check my gallery in there. cheers.

Kristupa Saragih said...

Interesting pictures