These are more like color processing test than an actual blog post update. The colors on the previous entry photos are looking even funnier the more I see it (too magenta-ish) and I'm not too happy with that so here's another attempt. Most are old, you have probably seen some of them before.

I always find color processing to be quite troublesome, because the funny thing is I could clearly remember how a particular scene was illuminated (how the light behaved, where it was directed, etc) but I don't quite remember how the colors in that scene looked like, so when processing colors it quickly becomes a battle of "how it really looked like" versus "how I want it to look like." This doesn't happen when I shoot something with the straight intention of presenting it in b/w because then I don't deal with how it really looks like. With b/w it's all about how I want the scene to be perceived. I'm not saying shooting b/w is easier (it certainly brings its own set of problems), but with colors I can't help but feeling somewhat restrained or obliged to show a certain degree of truthfulness of the picture despite however improbable I believe that to be.

But anyway, do tell how you think about the colors when you have something to say.


Sayoga said...

mantapp bro, suka yang pertama sama anak yang bawa payung..

Richie Pakpahan said...

lovely! dari kamera ato kamargelap kak?

Sebastian said...

Wow, great entry, every pair or so of photos a good mini-series in itself. Love the first one, but it doesn't stop there. The flower pots, the umbrellas.

Once thing concerning color processing might be making the whites white by using the histogram. You'd try to make the colors in the color histogram overlap in the lights/highlights part. Hope I'm describing that correctly .. u know that method? Works even when the screen's not calibrated. That method works pretty fine. Editing color can be tiresome because after looking at the photo for a while you don't know anymore which color was the right one xD.

Whatever, the photos, as said .. really good ones among them here!

Hopy said...

tonal paling suka yg DSC_0661-2440.jpg

sapiterbang said...

and that's why we have plugins or actionscript ;))

Wid said...


dari kamar terang tepatnya :))

so far what i'm doing is using that white balance selector thingie in LR, most of the time it (sort of) works, needing only minimal tweaking afterwards. but of course when there's no white on the frame things start to get frustrating. glad you enjoyed this entry.

cerah soalnya itu py, gampang ngaturnya :D paling ribet itu pokoknya kalo mendung² dan warnanya redup

well actually these *are* the result of some LR presets I made based on different lighting conditions I'm usually shooting under. ;)

Eki said...

The colors look OK to me. Perhaps I was too distracted by the subject matter. Otherwise they look ok.

Gonzale said...

Great entry.

Anonymous said...

masih ada rasa pangling nya liat foto2 Wid berwarna. kontrolnya ngga diragukan lagi..