Some Recent News

Two of my (rather old) photos are included in the fifth issue of Romka Magazine, which also happens to be their first printed issue. At an edition of 1000 it's a small publication, but some of the works shown in the excerpt seem pretty interesting (mine is at 0:35-0:34). Looking forward to receiving my copy.

In other news, if you're in Jakarta or planning to go there within the next week, you wouldn't want to miss Jakarta International Photo Summit | City of Interaction which opens tonight in Galeri Nasional and will be open until December 26th. Many photographers will show their works, including two of my favorites, Agan Harahap and Suryo Wibowo. Other highlight of the event is the launching of Jakarta: Estetika Banal, a book by seasoned Indonesian photographer Erik Prasetya, which I'm really dying to get but information regarding its price and how to order it is... well, next to nothing. (Do let me know if you have the info!) Erik Prasetya's photographs are hard to find on the web, I've only known about him from the catalog of the previous Jakarta International Photo Summit 3 years ago and they're so good I've been wanting to see more of his works. Moreover the subject of this newly released book (supposedly his first, cmiiw), a personal observation and statement of how he views the city he loves, is something I've been working on myself. Wishing I could get some insights to develop my own works from it.

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