Just testing a double column post in case I want to do some funny post layout in the future. Well, seems to be working. With this, now each vertical photo can also be viewed, captioned (when necessary), and downloaded individually.


Gem & Mita




Sebastian said...

In case you haven't checked yourself, Google Reader shows the images one below of the other. Think actually every RSS reader will show it without any of your stylesheets, so no double columns visible to subscribed readers.

Wid said...

Haha yeah I figured so. I don't think it'll be too much a problem though, I won't always be using it. Thanks for notifying me.

Eki said...

mind sharing how you do it?

Wid said...

I used CSS for this post but it's kind of complicated, using HTML table is simpler, here's a tutorial: http://www.blogbulk.com/2008/11/more-pictures-in-one-row-or-side-by.html