A Side Note

Recently, I decided to start a photographic scrapbook/journal. A real one. You know, with pen & papers, if you still use those. Why don't I just write it all here on the blog, you ask? Because I realize, with my disorganized mind, ideas or questions can (and often) occur in random and short outbursts. It's hard to recreate those thoughts if there's a delay in writing them down. I will often miss some points or completely forget about them. So I need something more immediate to capture these quick thoughts at that moment so I can dwell on them and think about them more thoroughly later. It's a bit like street photography too, don't you think? I know this seems fairly obvious, I dunno why I didn't start this earlier.

It's funny though, now that it's been years after I've abandoned college, I find myself doing the same thing I used to hate doing again. But this time it's quite enjoyable (so far anyway) since I'm the one deciding what to write on it. I guess I'm actually quite fond of learning, I just don't like being told when and what to learn. So, with this I've been taking notes of books I read or exhibitions and discussions I attended to, sometimes pasting old prints I have laying around and scribbling on them. I like that it's quite organic in appearance, with errors here and there, extra notes added in later in leftover spaces, etc. Compared to the sleek look of weblogs it's quite nice actually. I hope this will be useful later on, and work as a complementary of this blog. 

By the way, that book I'm taking notes on in the picture is Photo Journey Of Paul Kadarisman - Boring Happy Days. It's a book companion of his solo exhibition last year—which I sadly missed. (Updated: Was just told by Budi that this is a limited edition book) The book neatly encompasses his career so far, with photographs from his various personal works and informative texts by curator Alexander Supartono and Firman Ichsan. If you like the photos on his blog it's a nice book to have. 


cho said...

jadi waktu kemaren aku ngeliat kamu duduk di pojokan sambil bikin coret2an di buku besar dgn sampul item pas diskusinya hilde janssen itu maksudnya buku ini? :)

Wid said...

Chus: Haha, so you noticed, huh? Iya itu buku ini. :D

Eki said...

I like this part:

"I guess I'm actually quite fond of learning, I just don't like being told when and what to learn."

Somehow it rings a bell inside.