111020 - Kraton Wedding (As Seen By The Average Onlookers)

Last Tuesday (10/18) was the wedding day of Sultan Hamengkubuwono X's youngest daughter Gusti Kanjeng Raden (GKR) Bendara with Kanjeng Pangeran Haryo (KPH) Yudanegara. Aside from national television coverages, the event was also reported live through its official Twitter account @KratonWedding with photos posted to its Tumblr site. It was pretty interesting to see how, for such a royal event, they chose to utilize the instantaneous mobile phone camera photos (lots of Instagrams too) over the higher quality pictures from photojournalists. And seeing the positive reactions from their Twitter & Tumblr followers, I guess nobody really cared about it either. People were already entertained enough to see close up pictures of the groom and bride and all the fancy traditional Javanese processions. 

For those who want to see it firsthand though, it's the usual experience of getting packed with thousands of other onlookers for hours on a really hot day just to get a chance to catch a glimpse of the parading newlywed royal couple through the Malioboro street.

Oh, and I should also mention there were free snacks provided by Kraton through 200 angkringan placed on the sides Malioboro street. Yeah, you can guess how that turned out. 

When the angkringan keeper took out the goods, the whole stuff only lasted for less than 10 seconds. 

And then the long-awaited couple showed up, and everyone waved and clicked away...


Anonymous said...

I was there too, being one of those average onlookers. I didn't know that they have tumblr. thank you for sharing that. btw, did you use flash to shot some of these?

TW said...

nice photos.. also curious if u used flash.. reminded me of these http://davidalanharvey.typepad.com/work_in_progress/2007/03/nairobi_portrai.html

and for the life of me i can't figure out how people can wear hoodies in the afternoon sun...

Wanderer said...

pakai flash Wid? foto-foto awal ciamik tuh

Wid said...

Yeah I used flash for most of the photos in this post. Was gonna write some technical notes about it at the end of the post but I was in a hurry so I'm gonna write about it later, as I still explore and try out different things with this technique.

Haha, sometimes I wear hoodie on a real sunny day myself... I'm not sure how to explain it, but I guess for us it's not the heat/temperature that bothers us the most, but the intensity of the sunlight which sometimes can really sting the skin. So we cover up as much as possible, though preferably with a breathable cloth material which isn't tight.

...I guess street photographers' fashion could be an interesting topic? :))