Go Tik Swan Heritage House (Dalem Hardjonagaran) for ELLE Decoration Indonesia August-September 2014

Another article I contributed to the latest issue of ELLE Decor Indonesia. It was a pretty interesting experience photographing this house less than 2 weeks after we're done covering Guerillabunker, as they couldn't be more far apart. Dalem Hardjonagaran is inconspicuously tucked in between common store buildings on a busy street in Solo, but going inside it turns out to be quite spacious, consisted of numerous structures for different purposes like making batik, making keris, and storage rooms for valuables. There is even a pendopo which was the inauguration place for Pakubuwono II, and that took place in 1726. So this site indeed has quite the history. Go Tik Swan himself was famously commissioned by Soekarno to design what would be called Batik Indonesia, and he did so by incorporating various elements of other existing batik styles. The batik he designed is still produced until this day, continued by his disciples. 


Text Mira Asriningtyas
Photography Kurniadi Widodo

(click for bigger pictures)

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