Just got the processed TMAX 400 (TMY) roll from the lab. And I'm pretty disappointed. It looks like I screw up big time with this roll. Asides from the accidentally-pressed-shutter frames (damn it, I should really learn not to cock the film immediately after I took a shot... but it's so fun to do! D:), many shots of heavy shaded places seem to be underexposed. I just don't get it... I'm pretty sure the lightmeter showed a correct exposure (I did the metering on the shadow parts to make sure it's not under). And the frames taken in a well-lit places seem to be okay. I guess for the time being I should just stick to the cheaper roll, to compensate my significant margins of error. ;(

To make matters worse, my scanner isn't doing a good job of scanning the negs. In the end, I have to resort to printing out these negs... ~_~

No, no pictures today.

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