So here are are the photos from the shoot-out session.

Finishing up the Neopan SS 100 roll. As usual pushed to 400. FM2n with 50/1.4.

Erik. Very cool guy, I've always wanted to meet him since I follow his photos in FN. He shoots the weirdest things, in the weirdest methods... which is interesting. At least he's not in those mainstream bullshit circle. My focus in this shot is bullshit though. Hah.

His newest toy, he was testing it out that day. A second hand Praktica (forgot the model), which no one else around here uses. Coolness factor!

We were shooting in Bringharjo market. Went early, there still weren't many people around.

And that's it from the Neopan.

The rest are from TMAX 400 normal.

And then moving out to my favorite hunting ground, the bird market Ngasem.

And that's all. This entry really lacks of commentaries, I know. Dunno, just don't feel like writing anything. Thank you for checking out the photos for all of you who did.

Most of my close friends will soon be out of town for about 2 months... scattered all around Java doing public service organized by the university. And I'll be left here. I feel lonely already.


Karolus Naga said...

weleh ...slow speednya gelo euy... iya gw setuju Eric emang keren.. denger2 dia pernah motret prewed, tau jadinya kayak apa??

Wid said...

foto prewednya erik pernah diupload di FN kok. :D nggak, nggak blur fotonya. ;))

Darin said...

Looks like a praktica-mtl3. I used to shoot with one, good camera

Nana said...

Wid, kalo aku ke Jogja, kamu mesti nganter ke Ngasem!!

Very fotogenic place!!!

Wanderer said...

wonderful catch
we should go to bringhardjo!