Heya, haven't shot anything new lately, lacks of strong will. I'm currently feeling bitter too about something. Well, a few things actually. Feel like bitching but realize that by doing so it will make me sound even more like a loser so I'll digress.

So I was digging through old folders to see some photos, hoping to find something good/funny/whatever to cheer me up a bit. And then, aside from random photographs of friends, I also found these photos... Photos of things that I thought was interesting from back then when I didn't know what the hell aperture and shutter speed meant. Yeah, these are photos from around 2-3 years ago when I haven't got into photography.

All taken with Cybershot P73, a puny little digicam, my first camera. I crop the images so the aspect ratio resemble 35mm photos. Because 4:3 just seems stupid.

Please do notice the dumb looking helmet.

Heating the painted styrofoam board with a spotlight so it'll dry faster. At that time of course I wouldn't know that the styrofoam would act as a nice reflector. ;)

Hah, this was when we wanted to camp on a beach... it was getting dark, we tried to set up this stupid tent that kept getting blown away by the strong wind... and when it was finally done, rain started pouring down and turned out that the tent wasn't good enough to hold off the water. In the end we spent the night on a nearby parking lot.

Owh yeah, unfocused subjects + built-in flash + dust on the lens. Art stuff.

I'm off from school for 3 weeks. That's a lot of time to spend. Hmm..


Sebastian said...

you had some pretty photographs already back then ;) .. or maybe it's just your nowadays cropping skills :p

i especially like the one shot of the guy with the umbrella running through the rain.

subasuba said...

some "shitty shit" you have here. fantastic as always. saking banyaknya, tak berhenti berdecak. wah. wis ra mampu mengejar. salut masta.

Nana said...

Paling suka bunga matahari sama rusty public phones nya!

Enak diliat mata!!