Colors! Photoshopped colors, even. Another unusual one to start indeed. Kinda forgot when it was taken, but this was seen in front of my house. I only show the sky cause my neighborhood skyline sucks.

What the hell, let's get back to b/w again. Still digital.

Lia and her laptop. Always love how monitors can act as a nice fill-in light.

Me playing around with Lia's laptop webcam.

Random tree and a star. Or is it a planet? Yay for my ignorance. Anyway, I dodged that... uh, celestial object a bit. Let's say another yay for digital noise.

And remember when I said I had a TMAX 100 loaded in my FM2 and I didn't want to waste it too much on stupid frames? Well the roll finally got developed, and guess what... it's full of stupid frames anyway. Here they are:

Kinda wish I had a wider lens to use on this one, but I still kinda like it.

Cleaning KM room in campus... which always gets dirty again in about two days after it gets cleaned.

Kocu tuning the radio.

Random stuff on the street:

This photo is not about the pedicabs.

Found on Lempuyangan flyover... Definitely not the best place to write a proposal to a girl you want to marry.

Anyway, when I was shooting this roll I also took a few photos of this interesting activity people do during the afternoon beneath that flyover: watching trains.

But hey, what's so damn interesting about people watching trains? Well you see, it's not just a few people. I'm talking about tens of families, flocking together on a single spot just to watch trains going and coming from the nearby Lempuyangan train station. It almost looks like they're having a big picnic. I haven't talked to the people yet and just basically snapped pictures here and there, but seeing how it could get very crowdy during certain hours I'm planning to go there again to get some informations on how long it's been going, why are they going there, etc. I can already guess it has something to do with the lack of available open public spaces in Jogja, but let's see if I can develop it further.

The photos from the TMAX roll itself are kinda dull thanks to the negscans being too contrasty (I've checked the negs and can see there are more details there than what the negscans suggest), but here are photos from the D50 that I took a few days after the first time I went there.

And for closing, here's a hipshot I like which I took during the above session, though it doesn't really have anything to do with the train-watching activity itself.

I didn't notice her at first even though I sat beside her, since I was looking for any interesting moments I could capture around the area. But then I realized, unlike the other people who came there with their family members (it's usually young parents with their little kids), she was all alone. Well, *I* was alone too but I was doing something. She on the other hand was just like sitting there, gazing off at the railroads. She looked kinda sad and lonely. It crossed my mind to start a small talk with her, but I decided to wait. Moments later she took out this small tube from her bag, and started blowing soap bubbles. It only took a while before nearby kids started to play around with the bubbles she created. She remained the expressionless young lady she had been, even though loud laughters from the little kids playing was around her. A few minutes later she stopped, then called one of the kids to come closer to her. With a smile, the only one she ever made that afternoon, she gave her soap bubbles equipment to the kid, who received it with a wide grin and quickly rushed off to her friends. The young lady saw the little kid going off, then picked up her bag and left the place, disappearing in the crowd.

Now that I recall this, I wonder if I should have talked to her.


subasuba said...
the train session is just over the top. no way.

Karolus Naga said...

lempuyangan.. sore2 liwat daerah situ sambil nyayi2 lagunya Iwan Fals.. "libur kecil kaum kusam" ....

Sebastian said...

generally nice entry, lots of nice frames. like the cubic architecture most actually. and the poles .. was it flag poles? anyway.

and on the train thing .. i thought that when you wrote the text that there should actually then be photos which show the amount of ppl there, not just the words. actually there are ;). you haven't posted those on dA as i c.

and ha-ha for the "not about the .." gag hehe. maybe it'll be a running one :p hehe

Kheoh Yee Wei said...

hello,i just looked through your photos ! they are great,fantastic documentary shots ! Well done man :D

Ekki Kaharudin said...

time ...
i've been passing time
watching trains go by
all of my life ....

(it might be you by stephen bishop)

ronnydm said...

suka ama seri-seri fotonya....
framing dan komposisinya tidak biasa...
thanks udah main ke "tempat" saya...