Uhm, random photos. Yeah.

...That's not quite a good way to start now is it? A school friend of mine being silly.

Ah, some ART piece. It's wooden powder used by my friends to make a part of building model. The landscape part, to be specific. Funny how this frame also looks somehow like a landscape. Of some sort. Dunno.

Oh yeah, some mad bokeh. Used the 50/1.4, wide open.

Yet another bokeh madness.

"Evil bacteria."

Few days ago went to this computer expo... and like always, it's crowded with people. Oh how people here just *love* expos. Some people come looking for specific things and take the advantage of buying stuff at cheaper price during an expo, but I think for the most part people just want to know the latest prices of computer stuff.

Some people ask for informations regarding the expo.

While some think they can find out what they're looking for on their own.

You need to buy ticket first before you can get in.

It's pretty cheap so no problem even if you're just sightseeing. By the way, the ticket box attendants were pretty noisy, they kept shouting at people to buy tickets... as if people don't know that already.

This guy really took his time cleaning up.

People gathering on Epson booth watching a promo quiz of a new printer.

A kid got so absorbed watching a racing game demo.

Also practiced hipshooting again after a while. Thanks to the loud noise of the expo, I could get really close to people and took snaps without them noticing. With a loud shutter of a DSLR, that's saying something. Caught some interesting characters...

...Like a visitor with a nice hair. You're not getting any hair products here, dude.

Or a sales promotion girl looking very tired. Been working all day without substitute, perhaps.

Some other visitors. Only wanted to capture the guy picking his nose, at that moment I didn't even notice those two guys behind him. Speaking about some lucky timing.

A guy passing out flyers for the booth behind him. Notice how he's not even looking at the person he's giving flyer to. Also love this frame for the slight motion blur.

Walking out of the toilet.

Outside the expo.

Aaand the random friend shots.

I must be among the 5% or so who don't smoke in school.

In architecture campus. Ijul showing how to look cool while making a phone call. With the cellphone still attached to the battery charger. Very serious phone call.

And Ara's making faces like usual.

My exams are coming this week, and after that I'll be getting a long holiday break... with most of my close friends out of town for that stupid public service though, I really have no idea of what I'm gonna do to spend the time. *sigh*


Nana said...

public service apaan Wid?

Nah kok kamu gak ngikut? He he

aku juga punya temen pake kaos bakteri jahat.. orang Jogja, anak musik dan fotografi juga.. Irwan namanya kenal gak? he he he

Wid said...

@nana: public service --> KKN :p

aku nggak ikut KKN karena emang aku udah nggak kuliah di tempat yg sama dengan mereka lagi (arsitektur ugm);)

hmm, aku kenal beberapa orang yg namanya Irwan tapi nggak ada seorangpun dari mereka yg anak musik atau fotografi, jadi pasti beda orang hehehe :D