A Little Bit Of This And That

Been a pretty a long time without update... not doing anything important in particular, just slacking around like usual. So here are some photos to catch up.

And I'm not sure if I arrange these photos chronologically. But who cares, right?

Some film to start, Neopan SS 100 pushed to 400. FM2n + 50/1.4. Exposed about almost two months ago. Only very few usable frames in this roll, I had only exposed half a roll when I wanted to change into some color for reason I already forgot... but then I accidentally rolled the neg all the way through, darn it. Yeah I know there's a trick to pull it out from the canister again but I had never tried it and I didn't want to take chance for fear of ruining the neg. I got some frames I knew I'd like in this roll. Like this one:

I'm sooo gonna print this. ;) Metty with her signature pout, hehe.

Metty again, with Mita. Dunno why I made Mita out of focus. Dunno what she's doing either. :o

A frame I also like though it's out of focus. Love it mostly for her prominent fang. It's not her distinctive "fang slipping through the lips" smile (which I haven't got a picture of!), but I think this is still pretty Mita-ish. :)

Sinang with an empty Fanta bottle.

Made and Sukma. Overexposed this one, horrible skin tone. :|

A bit better. Sukma in a small kiosk.

And another roll of Neopan SS 100+2, but this time using the less versatile 50/1.8 lens. Not really happy either with how most of the frames turn out. God I'm getting really sloppy with films. I forgot exactly when I exposed this roll but from the photos I could only remember it was Sunday.

Random objects, overexposed negative, and a bad quality scan result in an art piece! Heh.

Someone trying to be different.

Getting sloppy with compositions as well. How could I not notice the obvious curve framing here? Argh.

The marching band of Gadjah Mada University was giving a performance that morning in the campus boulevard, they were also having some fund raising for their next competition.

At least I like the last shot. : \

(Bad) hipshot.

This didn't turn out as interesting as I had thought.

So did this.

Liked this one, though most people didn't seem to agree. Another hipshot, taken in a convenient store near my home.

Sis Iin, we were visiting a friend's mom in a hospital. The funky lighting is the result of afternoon sunlight coming through a window at the end of the dark corridor being reflected by the white tiles. Oh, and this is digital.

Some digital BW from around Krasak bridge in Yogyakarta-Central Java border.

...This entry feels crappy. There are some frames that I like, but... Lately I don't feel confident too about my recent works. No improvements. The same stuff over and over again. Tried going out a lot and take photos... but I still feel something missing. I feel... tired.


Tanya said...

http://bp2.blogger.com/__YPCLRSVWOM/Rrztqdg_uBI/AAAAAAAABXE/CMj9YWn2_NE/s1600-h/99200017.jpg <-- I love this.

Sebastian said...

seen the good ones on dA already.

"The same stuff over and over again." - you're not alone mate, i'm sick of bums, kids and people shot from the back <3 hehe

Karolus Naga said...

bro .. sing krasak uapike poll ... yang terowongan dan jembatan dipisah .... cen wonderkid kowe ...
tapi sing paling huwur.. kekekekeke lucune polll ....hahahaha

Rony Zakaria said...
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Ekki Kaharudin said...

trompetnya asik deh ...

Ivan MK Tarigan said...

buset keren 2 atuh bos

ronnydm said...

suka ama yang seri di jembatan....