Hello all! I know... August was a rather slow month for me, there wasn't any interesting update in this blog. And now that Ramadan is coming this September, I'm not sure either if this month's gonna be any better since I'm not really fond of the idea of shooting in the open as usual while fasting. Well, just expect simple snapshots and stuff.

Anyway, here's some recent news:

I am currently borrowing Naga's TLR, the Yashica 635:

It looks pretty cool in a glimpse, but in reality the optic has already been infected with fungi... and from what I've gathered the lens isn't exactly the best quality lens anyway. But every basic function still seems to be working so I'll be doing some test rolls with this thing... I've already exposed 2 rolls of Kodak Ektacolor 160, actually. I'm not expecting something amazing from them, but still I can't wait to get them developed. The camera itself is pretty fun to use. A bit annoying cause I have to meter with another camera since I don't own a handheld lightmeter, but still, fun. And I love how people stare with curiosity at the weird black box hanging on my neck everytime I go out with it. Makes me feel like a badass old school photographer or something. Hah, I'm such a poser.


Basuki came back from Japan. And he brought me a roll of Neopan Acros100, 2 rolls of Neopan400, 2 rolls of Neopan1600, and 3 rolls of Tri-X. Thanks, pal! Can't wait to use them, now let's just hope my mood for shooting will be back soon.


One of of my works will be featured in the next issue of JPG Magazine. You can download the sneak peek of that issue here. Thank you very much to you guys who voted for it. :)


In a non photography related topic, my friends will be coming back to town after 2 months of student community service all around Java. Oh how I've missed them. Thought they were all going to do their final project this semester but turned out most of them would be taking more time to gather up references and stuff. That means more hangout time in the campus for us, I guess.

Well, that's all, hope this finds you all well!


Sebastian said...

great you got some new films to try. and especially congrats on the feature, and ze muney, well deserved ;)

Nana said...



congrats ya wid! btw kamu dapet Tri-X??? *gubraks*

hiks siriksss