Blog Review At Jagat-Fotografi

Fellow Indonesian photoblogger Eki Akhwan recently posted a review of my blog, you can read it here.

I haven't had the chance to meet him in person (I would have, had I come along with Naga, Erik, and the others last semester... exam was taking place at that time, bummer!), but I've known him from FN for quite some time now and it's always refreshing reading the thoughtful analysis in his comments amidst the abundance of drone-like praising comments on that site... so it's quite nice to read what he has in mind about this blog, pointing out things I never notice myself and basically saying things better than I could. ;) Be sure to check his other informative articles, specially for you Indonesian photo enthusiasts who want to read good photography articles in Bahasa Indonesia... we all know how hard it is searching for them on the web.


Rey said...

gue dah baca review-nya Wid, emang patut lah... :)
Blog elu adalah salah satu penyemangat gue motret, taelahhh. Soalnya gue jg gak terlalu suka foto2 "embun menetes" :D
Maju terus Wid...!

Fotosessioon Ă•ues said...

Love his blog as well, thanks for sharing this

dimz Photography said...

sangat membantu bagi fotografer pemula seperti saya
thank you :)