Pakde Sani invited me and few others to come along during Sariayu road tour in Ambarukmo Plaza last Sunday, saying we can shoot the show if we want. Wasn't too interested about the event itself, but I wouldn't miss a chance to hang out with the usual gang!

Few snaps:

image name
Make-over and photoshoot session for visitors who want to be "photographed like celebrities". Very serious stuff, definitely.

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Erik was shooting the serious stuff as mentioned above.

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image name
It's pretty funny to shoot in B/W while the theme of the show was "color trend for 2008", heh.

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image name

image name

The star of the show, Dinna Olivia.

Backstage scenes were as much interesting.

image name

image name

image name

image name

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Artis said...

this one - different from the usual fashion show photos we're all used to. I like how her hands play together symetricaly with the lights in the background - well done!

Karolus Naga said...

ah yeah ...
the Sariayu color trend is black and white now ... they have changed it since they opened this page =))

darn ... i made only 3 snaps actually did not know what to snap that time ... congrats to your beautiful snaps mate !!

billitone said...

The backstage photos are my fav. Gotta say they were differently angled. 8->

Is the name the usual gank? Looks like a bunch of unusual though :p

Eki said...

u always have a unique perspective. i like that!

Anonymous said...

wid, my man!

digging 'em. like the first a lot.

Rich said...

I think the last frame catches my eye the most - I love the "what's going on when no one is looking" shots you take...very interesting stuff....one of the shots could have come right out of a fashion mag..and it's gritty :)


abraham palafox said...

your photos are great! :)