For the last few days I've been staying over at the architecture campus, a lot. Got nothing special to do in particular, just felt like it. Here's some basic idea of how the nightlife in my old campus looks like...

Hungry? Well let's head to a 24 hour food stall. There's like, a dozen of them nearby. A bowl of noodles, everyone's favorite! Not exactly the best way to fulfill your daily nutrition, but it'll do to survive the night.

With of course... another healthy activity we all dig.

Sometimes we'd go out from the den, and hang out somewhere else... like in our friend's cafe.

Some trippy shot taken while on the ride.

Aaand... here's the shitload of anything else from that night in the campus.

That's quite a lot. :o

But hey, here's another two for today. Some panning actions! 1/8th second for the last pic. Slow speed rocks your socks.

Some other notable things... Sasha told me that next Friday some japanese event is going to take places for a few days in... uh, some place I have yet to know its whereabout. :s There will be bands, cosplays, and the likes. Basically some sort of convention for japanophiles... Might go there with her if possible, there should be some interesting actions to shoot.

Oh, and two days ago a friend of mine offered me to make photos for some articles in a magazine that he manages with his gangs. The magz itself isn't published yet; the initial edition is hopefully coming out in December. For now everything is still blurry, I don't know the future prospect of the magazine yadda yadda yadda but... I guess this could be a good start for some publication opportunity. Wish me luck. :)

Btw, I think I catch a cold. : |

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