Last Saturday night we were having fun in Ichank's place... celebrating what's supposed to be our victory in the last Gala Architecture, the campus' annual sport event between each year's class. The funny thing was... nobody actually recalled that we *did* win. The event was pretty much forgotten when it came to a sudden break after Jogja was hit by that disastrous earthquake last May, and no winner was ever announced. But a few weeks ago suddenly it's decided that our class won, and so we were eligible for the grand prize.... a goat. Just don't ask. Anyway, there was a little trouble regarding what we're gonna do with the goat... it would seem that there was miscommunication and the goat was sold without us knowing. In the end we got the money, organized this little party and invited everyone from the class. No one asked further questions... hey, when you get free meal, it's all good. ;p

The snacks:

The people:

Almost all who know me nowadays are already used to seeing me with camera on my hands, so they don't really find it strange to see me pointing my camera at them. But I guess sometimes I still caught some of them off guard:


The night's getting late and so we went outside to prepare some surprise for everyone: fireworks. It's out of the budget though so we had to collect some fund earlier that day to buy them. Some expensive stuff, considering they would only last for a few minutes... it's okay for once in a while, I guess. It's all fun.

Like how these two were also having their own fun... we're weird like that. ;p

So finally, everyone was outside, and the show began! These shots are each 3 second exposure... *handheld*. So please pardon me if they're all curly and fuzzy.

One thing about those fireworks though... they're fucking LOUD. I mean, you usually see them during big celebrations, in large open public places with crowdy audience. In those places, the sound never seems that loud. But having fireworks in a quiet residential area... I think it's safe to say that we pissed off the whole neighborhood that night. Not our fault, mate. We did ask for permission first. But honestly, we didn't expect it to be THAT loud either. ;)

After all was finished, everyone went home... except, of course, our gang, which stayed around until midnight. Talking about pointless stuff like usual.

These next shots are ISO 1600, f/3.5, 1 second... pretty dark out there.

We're planning to have some fireworks again on the next new year's eve. Probably with a bigger ones. In another unlikely places. ;)

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