This one will be a quick post. Some printscans of shots from the Neopan roll of which the contact print I have posted earlier.

One of the glasses sellers you can find along the street corridor in Malioboro. When I saw the mirror position on this particular stall, I just know I had to take his picture. :)

That one's a hipshot... kinda shaky, though it was only around 1/15th second, I think. But I like their gestures. Taken in a souvenir shop.

These next three were from around Bringharjo market:

And these two were from Kotagede market. I went there for the first time with a friend of mine, Dinto. Another nice market that I should visit again later. :)

I just noticed that I often make a weird cropping on the lower portion of my frame while I'm compositioning through the viewfinder, making some portion of the objects I photograph missing. I only realized this after seeing my negs... gotta pay more attention for that in my next session.

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