Been a while again, but this time really because I don't take as much pics as I used to. Lacks of mood/inspiration/whatever. Was asked to shoot for some farewell ceremony for the graduating students, many of which are people I know... so I didn't see a reason to say no. Was a little awkward though to hold the digital again after handling the FM2 for a while. For some reason it almost feels... stupid. Lots of people in the architecture campus have DSLRs too now, but strangely I'm not really excited about it. Cause I somehow feel it has become more like a trend instead of a real interest in photography... lots of these folks... I haven't even seen their works. If there's any. ;) I start to sound like an arrogant prick now, heh. Let's hope I'm wrong about this. I do see some potentials in some of the kids... the funny thing is that they're the people *without* the DSLRs... go figure.

Enough about the ranting, here are some snaps from that day.

The clocks were the gift souvenirs for the graduates, with the names of the graduates from that period written into the face of the clock. The cool thing was (well... kinda), the name of the receiver was printed differently from the rest of names so everyone got their own 'personal' clock.

A friend of mine (now that's a proud smile! :D) with his parents, looking at the design of the final exams of the students.

Scenes from around the place:

One of the professors taking pictures of the graduates. I think Galih noticed me shooting this, he's smiling in the background. :o Also notice the guy taking picture in the right part.

Another friend of mine, talking with his mother before the event started.

This time with his girlfriend who's also graduating. Aww.

Guest seats, mostly parents of the graduating students. That's Mr. Sigit on the right part... he was in double role that day. He's a a lecturer in the campus but at that moment also a parent of a graduating student. Funnily his place on the guest seats kinda reflected that.

From the outside. Lots of empty seats in the lecturer side of the room.

After that it's mostly boring shots... Speeches, handshakes, and stuff. But after it's finished...

Lunch time!

It was raining though.

I like the mood of this particular shot. The joy present in the foreground, contrasting the stern looks of the two, no, three guys in the background.

Galih with his girlfriend. Another "awww" moment. And yes, I fucking hate the white umbrella too.

A shot I took for personal interest.

A quick panning action.

The little sister of a friend, calling out to her dad so they could get something to eat together.

Notice how the lady passing between the posing family and the camera isn't visible in the LCD... ghost? Naaah, that's the sensor of pocket camera showing its weakness: lag. ;)

And that's all for now. Hope this finds you all well!

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