Negscans from 2 rolls of Neopan SS 100+2. Some frames are really old while the others are recently. I'll try to put them in order...

Two frames from Ngasem when I went there with a friend who's looking out for some cats... turned out the market was quiet, in fear of avian influenza which around that time infected some people in the city.

Of course I just had to plunge back into the 'familiar face photography' when I'm not shooting anything else...

This is pretty much how most of my friends gonna spend this semester:

So much time, so few things to do.

Even choosing what to eat can take quite a considerable time.

...No, I don't know what this frame is all about.

Second roll.

Ucok's head kinda mess up this frame. Grrr.

A bakwan vendor coming inside the campus on a rainy day... how nice. Sure hope he's coming again.

Last Sunday I took a stroll around the old campus complex hoping to find something but came home with only a couple of frames... I'm getting that reluctant feeling to get the camera up again, ugh.

Some old stuff from an exhibition in the architecture campus:

Aaand.... that's it. This entry is really pretty boring, I know. :S

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Darin said...

Not boring at all, some seriously good work here.