So, that pain I've been expecting for the last 3 months finally comes. Though I knew it would obviously come sooner and later (because I deliberately made it happen myself), and I've been preparing myself to face it, it still hurts. What really sucks about this kind of pain is, no matter how much you get it, you still can't get used to it. Or perhaps I'm just not strong enough. But the different thing now is... I don't feel that depressed again like usual. I'm actually glad I get the pain. I feel relieved. Relieved that now I don't need to have that ridiculous curiosity and suspicion about them again. And it seems I handled it better than I thought. Last night I called my sis and told her all about it and she told me that from they way I spoke, I sounded okay. Perhaps I've grown up a bit? Who knows.

In any case, I hope everything will work out for them in the end. Because I want to see them happy. I really do. Well, actually I already did. And it's beautiful. Oh heartbreaking, but still, beautiful. As this entry title suggests, it makes me both sad and happy. It's just... I want to see them sharing that happiness with us too. Cause I don't think it's something that needs to be kept to themselves. Perhaps I'm asking too much. After all, it's their business. But alas, I'm entitled to my own opinion.



These photos have nothing to do at all with what I wrote above. Just a few things I snapped a couple of days ago.

image name

image name

image name

image name

image name

See you all later, hopefully in a better mood. :) Well, not that there's anything wrong with the one I'm having now. Heh, it's kinda funny when I think about it. I always love a touch of irony in a photograph. You know, like Erwitt-esque stuff. And this bittersweet feeling I'm having now... there's an irony in it too. How ironic. Ha.


Wanderer said...

pain does not hurt

Wid said...

eh? how come?

Sebastian said...

artists *have* to be emotionally unstable, you lucky man ;)

nice choice of shots, 1st one is just rotated but the thick steps against the thin tree's shadow somehow works, really like the harmony of pole and tree in the 2nd shot. i don't like the 3rd one, but the 4th one is a nice portrait again, liked it on dA already. nor sure about the 5th one yet ;)

anyways, get better there. and don't stop whining, i heard that actually helps ;)

Tanya said...

I truly love your work. You should know that your pictures are highly inspiring!

tamara said...

eh do...malem itu bis kita chat, kamu nanya tentang lagu, then aku nemuin satu yang mungkin pas bgt :D ...ummm...soundtracknya D'bijis, yang nyanyi izzy, kalo gak salah...ung... >o< auuuch...kok lupa ya... ung...wait...umm... "kamu nyata" po ya... addduhh... >,<;

medz! said...

halah,, golek'i sek kono Pi =p *whA
If I ever feel better - Phoenix =D

diwa said...

eh? ngopo kowe Kang? koyone kok abot men toh.. tp malah dadi apik2 fotone.. hehehehe.. Gik loro ati ndelok wong liyo po?

Rey said...

lagi sedih aja foto2nya bagus gini :).

Semoga hatinya cepet sembuh :)

Wid said...

Yeah I was trying to make that artsy "illuminated things against a dark background" scene with the 3rd pic, but I guess it just wouldn't work with some stupid trees. :D Thanks man

Thanks! Haven't taken any protest photos lately? Or there *aren't* any protests lately? Haha

Pipi & Medz:
Thanks buat rekomendasinya. :) Terutama yg Izzy, really struck a chord, hehe

Rapopo, mung agi pingin mengeluh wae...

Mbak Rey:
Thanks, itu foto-fotonya diambil pas lagi nggak sedih kok. :) I don't make photos when I'm not in the mood, it'd only ruin them.

Karolus Naga said...

sudah saatnya berguru sama simbah dalam menentramkan pantura dengan segala persoalannya ... ;))