Familiar Faces, The Book

Thinking of making a simple photobook out of the snapshots of my close friends I've made over the years, now that they're graduating one by one... meaning I won't be able to see them as much as I used to (and want to) anymore... I don't mean to set the book as a complete and objective "recollection of memories" for each person, as it *is* only seen from my point of view... some guys will definitely appear more frequently than the others, cause I simply saw/met/hung out more with them than I did with others. Does that mean I "betray" some of them? But hasn't photography itself, as my chosen medium to portray them, been (and will always be) a subjective medium anyway?

All that thoughts aside, I'm still torn between making it as good as possible, decent sized with lotsa images (pricey!), or making it affordable so they can also get one if they want to. Or perhaps I can do both since I'm planning to print it through on-demand printing service.

Either way, the editing process is still not going anywhere... damn it I need to make a concrete deadline!

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Sebastian said...

The photos you've posted here are great. Really like them, expect maybe of the one with the hands which is a bit blurred, but maybe that's more for technical reasons.

I think your idea of making a photo book is good, it sure is a good present, especially coming from you, the photographer.

Don't bother thinking whether your photos are subjective or not, because they are and always will be. No matter what style you'll shoot in. It's photography, not science. Or brain surgery ;). You'll stop asking that weird questions when your friends will hold the book and be happy to have gotten it :p. And once it's available, post a link to a preview or something or shoot some pages of it, I'd be more than curious how yours will look like.

And have you already thought of which service to use for the book on demand? I've heard of Blurb(.com) much recently, think I'll make two books there till mid of May. Depending on size, pages and cover prices sure vary, but I think you can start pretty cheap (site says prices start at 12.95$) .. check the site and the pricing out if you haven't yet.

Anonymous said...

I always wanted to make a photo-book, but could not get a good reason for it, not to mention a good photos to fill-in.

I say, a photo is a fact. A print is a proof. By printing a book, you have proof, to whatever you want to convey inside.

Now that you have a good reason to make one, let's just do it. Hopefully you make a good habit of printing books. Lot's of 'em.

Anyway, the photos are great as always.

Anonymous said...

uhuhuuu, keren doook fotonyaaa T___T bener-bener punya emosi dan bikin aku kangeeeeen bgt sama kampus T___T

Eki said...

surprised that a professional procastinator needs to set a dead line ... :)

anyway, i think this is a worthwhile project. protographically it's an exploration of a subject many of indonesian photographers have not thought of yet.

keep me posted on the procrastination of the project! :)

Unknown said...

Seb, thanks for the encouragement! I've checked out and heard lotsa good things about Blurb, but for this project I am thinking to make it less complicated by using a local printing service. Beside saving shipping cost, I think it'll also be easier to do some sort of 'quality control' with an offline service. I'll definitely post here how the book turns out once it's finished.

Billitone, I know what you mean, once I tried to edit all my best shots I've made so far to see how they look like as a collection of images but they end up just looking like a piled up random pictures, nothing more. No flow, no theme, nothing. It's definitely much more difficult than one might think to make a photobook.

Pipi, ayo² balik jogja kikiki :D

Eki, heh now that's an irony even I overlooked! :))

and oh, I really think indonesian photographers seriously need to have (or at least attempt to make) a photographic project to show their opinion about different matters in life, anything...

Karolus Naga said...

never do today what you can do tomorrow dude ... let there be nights !!!