Dusting Off the FM2

Boy I haven't used that camera for a long while. So when Andi dropped by in town last September to shoot around I decided to take it out for a walk. Still feels as reliable as ever, though the viewfinder is a bit muddy... I'll have to get it cleaned later.

Didn't use up the whole roll on that occasion (I'm real slow when using film), luckily Ana also visited Jogja about last week so I got another chance to expose the remaining half. Didn't know what film was inside at that time, turned out to be my last roll of Trix.

So here you go, nothing really interesting actually, it's basically just me getting used to the camera all over again.

Something for geometry lovers. Thanks to Andi for completing the frame by providing his head. :D

This turned out crap, heh. Perhaps with some cleaner tank and simpler background it could work.

Ah, those frames which don't have any real content and were taken simply because "the light was nice".

Abstract a.k.a. "I don't know what else I should point my camera at" frame.

Cropping limbs are fun.

Perhaps if I do at least a hundred more of this I could justify it as "typology study"?

Reminds me of Charlotte's project which will be in November 4th, except instead of sometime in the morning it'll be at 11PM here (challenge!). I already have some alternatives for the place I'm gonna shoot, just need to make sure to check all of them before the actual project date to see if there's anything interesting going on in those places during that time.

Aaand some stylish pedicab man to end this post. Kinda surprised to see this one turned out okay actually, since I was hipshooting and my hipshots are usually badly tilted.

Hope you're all fine! Jogja has (finally) started to get some rain lately, and looking at Brian's post kinda make me wanna shoot in the rain too (hell, he's got typhoons there and still shooting!)... if I don't catch a cold first, that is.


Dani Subagja said...

banyak yg keren ah...

billitone said...

no.3 favorit.

lainnya, suka banget dengan komponya.

ara astrawidjaja said...

the market looks... scary. teteup keren sih... hehe....