Hello Again

Hey, 'sup everyone? Been a while. First of all, it might be a week late, but nevertheless happy Eid al-Fitr for those of you who celebrate it. :) Even if you don't, as is the custom here, please pardon all the wrongdoings I've done, unintended or otherwise.

Haven't been shooting much lately (perhaps I catch Billitone's creativity block?), but here are some frames from last week, mostly taken inside my grandpa's house. It's a relatively small yet cozy place which always gets packed every year during the Eid as the whole family will be there to celebrate together.

My father's death last month reminded me of how seldom I photograph my own family, a circle which is supposed to be my closest (at least according to our own tradition) yet seems forgotten. Or it's not really forgotten, but more like it's me who is reluctant to connect with them for many reasons... Frankly, I am not someone you would call a family person. Not that I don't care about them, but you could say I just can't understand yet why I should be close to them just because we're blood related. I guess these pictures can be seen as my early attempt to better understand them, just like how I love to photograph the daily life in the street to try to somehow 'make sense' of everything, through those little instances that catch my interest. Looking at them, I think these pictures don't depict the actual feel of the place and the moment though, and still tend to talk about how *I* feel about those things. Hope they're still somewhat informative enough.


On another note, I'm planning to help Charlotte doing her photo project, the details of which can be read there on her blog. So far she has gathered quite a lot of participants, but she could use some more people especially from outside Europe/US. The date of the project has yet to be set, but if you're interested do let her know! The idea is nothing new I suppose (even I have thought of it myself albeit in a smaller scale), but it still sounds fun enough to make me wanna jump in. I'm already wondering what everyone else's photo would be.


Dani Subagja said...

welcome back.

billitone said...

Allow me to enjoy these photos...so much remind me of my own back home in Belitung.

thanks for sharing these.

meredith said...

gorgeous post, wid. love the color and the lighting, especially in the bedroom shots. good to see you posting, and i hope life has gotten back to seminormal for you.

charlotte's project sounds great. i commented and told her i'd love to help, if she needs someone in my area. i've been wanting to start a project myself... it's damn hard to be creative. ;)

Wid said...

dani: thanks, man!

billitone: glad I could invoke some hometown nostalgia :D guess I'm just too ungrateful for my own good, heh

meredith: yeah colors once in a while can't be that bad, ey? :D the house is so colorful that I don't have the heart to do it in b/w like usual. the one on the bedroom is my mom, btw. :)

charlotte hasn't got anyone from around philly I think, she should let you in!

Eki Akhwan said...

Miss your posts quite a bit. Welcome back.

These are more than just a documentary. It's your feelings and impressions, visualized. Enjoyed and inpired by them. Thanks.

bhawankfrey said...

inspiratif om wid...suka sekali saya dengan penyajiannya... salam

Eric said...

it's good to see you back. and i like the new look of this blog. i'll keep an eye from the rss reader though :) but i'll be visiting from time to time...