The 50/1.8 is back! Yep, I got it back from the shop this morning. The aperture blades are now working properly. I was excited to try it out on... D50? Well, my initial try-out of this lens with digital that night was kinda ruined, and I haven't tried it out in daylight, so... yeah. After I got back from ADVY (and today was kinda cool since Pak Aam brought some different types of camera to the class, including a worn out view camera and a TLR), I rushed back to UGM hoping to find some good ol' faces there... which I did. :)

Dunno why, but even though I no longer study there, I still find the atmosphere in archi campus a lot more enjoyable than in ADVY. I mean... don't get me wrong; ADVY's cool, I get to study something I enjoy the most, the teachers are cool, but... everything is just different. I guess I'm just not used to how things are yet. After all, I've been with my archi friends for the last 3 years, while I've only been roughly 3 weeks into ADVY.

So anyway, what did we do this noon? Just the usual pointless shit --which we enjoy anyway, like taking self portraits with those pocket digicams...

Got absorbed doing whatever you're doing...

Setting a dinosaur on fire...

While of course, just plain chilling out.

All of the above pics taken with D50 and 50/1.8 in f/2.8 except Satriyo playing guitar which is f/1.8. Someone I look up to recently told me not to switch between digital and analogs too often, something about keeping my feeling of analog camera. While I can see what he means with that, I can't help but to keep my digital around, along with the analog. Film gives me something nice I haven't felt before, i.e. I can sense life better with film than digital. But digital also lets me experiment with things that sometimes are hard to learn with analog camera.

Yep, weird shit like that sometimes amuse me. ;D

And before I finish this, here's the killer for today:

It wasn't mine though, Sasha took it. f/1.8, wide open. Cheers! ;D

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