Yet another slow week. These last days, I've been...

Setting up our photography exhibition in archi campus, which even though started last Thursday, up until this day it is still not yet completed. Talking about some uber procrastination, heh. Couldn't help it, the other guys are busy with assignments.

Last Sunday I finally got to do the photo session for Sis Iin's boyfriend's brother's wedding invitation. Did I confuse you with the last sentence? Nevermind that, since personally I'm not satisfied enough with the pics anyway... I've got issues with posed pictures, cause I'm really bad at directing people. But they thought they liked the photos, so I guess I shouldn't think too much about it.

Back to archi campus, a few days ago something was set up by the KM folks:

I dunno what drove them to make this, but it surely resembles what Japanese do on Tanabata, where people write their wishes on a small piece of paper and hang them on bamboo. :) Most of the wishes found on our papers are pretty silly, though a few are really actual wishes of the writers. It's all in a good fun.

And just a few other shots from last evening in archi campus.

My, this is such a short entry. Whatever, I'm out. Got an assignment to do, due in... 3 hours from now? Hahahahah!

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