As I've mentioned in my last post, about a week ago or so Jogja's been raining continuously. As the light during the day often dropped, I found it harder to shoot with an ASA 100 film in such condition. Tried looking for some ASA 400 film, couldn't find one anywhere. Sure hope that doesn't tell anything about the future of film availability in this city... It's gonna suck, big time, if you have to go somewhere outside of the city just to get some films...

Anyway, so I decided to try to push-process some ASA 100 films --which are still abundant in labs around here-- to see how they turned out. Haven't tried to develop it myself, was afraid I'm gonna screw up cause I had some shots I really like in these rolls. Well, they're mostly just some spontaneous portraits, since these are for try-out purpose. But seeing the negscans, they're not that bad for a start. I think I'm gonna keep using this method if higher ASA films continue to be scarce.

So here's some negscans. First from TMAX 100, pushed 2 stop to 400...

Those are my friends in school handling a view camera. Quite a bothersome apparatus to operate, that monster. The focus are off in both photos, yes, they were only of around 1/4th second in speed...

Still in school:

Move on to archi campus, took a couple portraits of my friend Tatan who doesn't usually hang around with us, but that time did.

In Aan's car during a rainy day, I like this one:

And a couple of pictures I took while riding my bike --something I haven't done in a looong time-- on a bright sunday morning:

And yes, I pressed the shutter while still riding. :)

I've printed some of the above photos, and from what I've seen so far I like the contrast of a normal processed TMAX 100 better, but the relatively low grain of the N+2 process is pretty good... far less than I expected anyway.

Next, from a roll of Neopan SS 100+2. Wanted to compare, so I pushed it to the same film speed as the pushed TMAX. I'm pretty happy with how this roll turned out, there are some... let's say interesting surprises, beside some frames that I really like. Like this one of Freddy yawning:

Taken while waiting for the rain to stop in a small food stall near campus that we frequently go to.

Back to architecture campus, found these little kittens all curled up:

When they noticed me they soon left the place, except one which was still sleeping. He finally woke up too when I came closer, but still somehow disoriented and being one clueless little cat...

He quickly ran like hell though when he heard the sound of the shutter, heh.

Went back home, and guess what, another rain!

The rest of the roll are more or less spontaneous portraits...

A rare instant of Gem being bored:

Wait, there's a little of street too mixed up in between. Didn't find anything weird lately though, so nothing interesting.

Back to portraits. Love this next one, a lot:

I knew how it's gonna look when I took it, but still I laughed when I saw it on the negs, heheh. :D

Gem throwing some jokes... leave it to him when it comes to making people around him crack up. Perhaps he ain't the best storyteller, but definitely one of the funniest. Even the most boring of stories get to be downright hilarious if they're retold by him.

^ Love the repetiting lines in above shot, including the ones in Mita's shirt. :)

Talking about some repetition:

And to finish today's entry, here's the surprise I mentioned earlier. I don't know what exactly happened, but I got a couple of overlapping frames in this roll... this is the first time it happens, so I'm kinda afraid the advance lever of the FM2 is having a little problem. Despite the worry though, the overlapping frames themselves are pretty interesting. It became something like a panoramic format, and what hits me is how the content gets to connect with each other somehow:

The last one is my favorite cause it almost seems as if it was intended, while in reality it really wasn't. Dunno if I should hope that this won't happen again, or in the contrary, hope that this pleasant surprise will come up again every now and then in the future. Uncertainty is, after all, part of the fun you get from shooting films. ;)

The pushed Neopan already shows some apparent grain on the negscans, more than the pushed TMAX. But the contrast is better than any normal processed Neopan I've done before. I never got a contrast this good with a Neopan before... perhaps I should ask the lab about the chemicals they use and the development time for this push-process. ;p

Got some undeveloped rolls from my one day journey with school friends to Solo yesterday. Will show them in a couple of days. :)

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