First off, happy new year everyone! Almost a week late... whatever. Almost a month too since my last post. Still shooting as usual, just never got the time to upload the pictures. And when I do have the time, the pics I want to upload isn't up to date anymore so I got lazy. But then if this kept repeating, I wouldn't post anything at all here. :o

So here's some pics from the the new year's eve. I was thinking of getting to where people gather in the last minutes of the year... like in the city square or something... but I thought I wouldn't have fun myself doing that. Went to Ian's food stall hoping to meet everyone there, turned out only a couple showed up, the rest were doing their campus assignments... heh, now there's a reason I'm glad I quit. ;) Was bored as hell there, so I headed to campus... which wasn't a bad idea at all! Why, they're having some
satay party! :D It's only natural cause in the morning we celebrated the Eidl Adha.

They prepared everything... from the goat meat:

the seasoning:

And of course the grill.

We also burned other thing.

Simply because we love setting things on fire. Then again, who the fuck doesn't?

Next is Ijul blowing the cheap trumpet, signifying the end of the year... none of us actually really cared, but hey, someone gotta blow the darn trumpet! It's new year!

You wanna eat, you gotta grill your own satay.

All set!

Looks pretty good, hm? It IS tasty. Mmmm. We all had fun that night. :)

Well, though some are still burdened by some stupid assignments.

Some other miscellaneous stuff...

Aaaand... those skewers end this post as well. Oh wait, before that lemme show you this very cool photo from today's Kompas front page. Sorry for the bad quality scan, the paper's already kinda curly. But still, a really cool photo.

We don't get that kind of photo so often in the front page of a daily newspaper.

And here I am thinking that flocks of birds flying over a park is a scene exclusive only to the Europe.... guess not. ;)

By the way, the nice looking sky you see in the photo isn't only happening in Jakarta. Even here in Jogja, for the last 3 days or so the weather's been really really, and strangely, nice... what's with the clear blue sky and beautiful white clouds, whereas just days before the rain just wouldn't stop pouring. Because of that I am currently collecting rain themed photos, but now with this clear weather I'm rather not sure whether I should be happy for the sunshine or not. :|

I also got some processed rolls of TMAX and Neopan (finally, some films!), will show them after I finish scanning. For the mean time, hope you all have a good time!

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erina said...

Talk about composition

keren banget!

Dan foto Kompas itu emang mantep!! Bener2 mantep!