The rest of the pics from Ngasem last Sunday. Some of these shots were taken with black and white mind though I was using a color film (Superia X-tra 400), so they might come out weird. I was tempted to convert some of these, but... naah, to get BW photos when using analogue, you use BW films, period.

That pup kept trying to get out... and the guy selling him kept putting him back in the cage. Kinda sad.

I can't seem to get anything interesting out of the daily needs part of the market. The part with the animals, on the other hand, seem to always have the scenes... dunno.

They almost looked like a boyband... what's with all the different pose. :o

Sometimes you find people with amusing look in this market, though it doesn't really fit what they do. Like this man, for example. He gotta be the most hip-looking cigarette vendor I've ever stumbled into:

That's Dinto going in for a shot. After he left I moved to that spot to see what he was shooting, and couldn't help to take a pic of it as well. ;p

Tomorrow my friends asked me to go fishing.... dunno where, but could be fun. :)

Oh, and my D50 is back too, much faster than I thought it was gonna be. Hmm, guess the guys in Alta aren't that bad.

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