Got the negscan from Central. From what I've seen, there doesn't seem to be much different between the two lab I've tried. The color reproduction and sharpness of both labs' negscans seem to be okay. Haven't tried to scan my BW in Maestro, but it's much cheaper though (Central doesn't let me use my own CD... sucks), so I guess they're the lab I'm gonna frequent to. ;)

Some example: (Superia X-tra 400)

^ She was staying put for a while that I couldn't help but take a shot... turned out that was meant to be a pose. Heh, never changed a bit, eh Met? ;p

^ They were talking about the rumor of some HIV-infected needles being set up in public seats... dude, thought that was an old hoax.

Aside from the X-tra roll above, also scanned a roll of Lucky SHD 100 and a Neopan SS 100+2. The Lucky scans are... uh, screwed. Awful banding in most frames. I don't know what the trouble is, it doesn't occur in the Neopan scans. Here are the Neopan:

My friend Dinto trying to shoot.... uh, I dunno what he's trying to shoot. :o We were going back home from our shoot-out session in Ngasem, the rain forced us to stop to take shelter.

Later on that day, saw an unusual crowd in a sport center near where I live, so I decided to stop and check out what's happening. It was a swimming competition for some school kids. Dolphin Cup 2007. Didn't ask around, so I didn't get any further information regarding the level of the competition, who held it, the participants... nothing. Way to go for someone who said he's interested in photojournalism. Ugh.

Anyway, photos:

Yeah, that kid still in the start box sure isn't going to reach the finish line first.

Shooting in the tribune sure is nice:

Yep, that's my favorite. Most likely yours too. ;)

Went back down from the tribune, trying to get closer to the people involved.

More photos of this swimming competition can be found here.

Rain poured down again, stopped shooting and went home. Ciao for now!

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