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Went to a cat show about two weeks ago. And man... I swear cats are one of the most spoiled domesticated animals. I mean, the kind of treatments they get... It seems that all they gotta do all day for the rest of their life is eat, sleep, and basically being cute. What a life. I don't hate cats, I'm just not really fond of these kind of show cats. I like street cats better. ;)

But here's a little of those fluffy cuteness for you cat lovers. Oh yeah, film is Superia X-tra 400.

Last Saturday also went with Dinto for some street shooting...

His dashboard. Forgot to ask what the little statue is for. :\

We started shooting in Bringharjo market, then going a little to the south to the city square where the Sekaten fair had been held since the last few weeks. Of course it's rather quiet during the day, but that was the look that we were going after anyway.

Anyway, the ones from around the market first. Still with Superia X-tra 400.

It's rather hard to tell from that photo, but that truck was actually moving. I saw it coming from my right and noticed the guy with the cigarette, quickly pre-focused and snapped when it passed in front of me. Didn't know there's a second guy inside.

Wish I had a wide lens for this.

Old cassettes vendor. Some people still do listen from that medium. And yeah, the writing on his hat was the reason why I took this.

Buddhas and coins. For some reason I like this frame.

Hipshot, something I haven't done for a while. Guess I still got the basic... what made me took this frame was the face she's making, she actually looked like that all the way while walking. Perhaps she's pissed about something. I didn't even realize the magz she's holding until I saw the labscan. Which makes this one even more interesting. Chic girl. Heh. I think that's one thing I like about street photography... there's always those little details that you missed out when you pressed the shutter... but later you see it, and like it.

Another one frame that I like. Defy the composition rules!

And for the Sekaten fair shots... digital BWs. :o Well I took some frames with Ilford Delta 400 (courtesy of Dinto, thanks pal!), but most of the scenes I wanna shoot... I want them wide! Felt really cramped with 50mm there. :(

Wasn't satisfied with what I got that day, I'm planning to go there again later.

Dinto, I forgot what we were talking about here. Something silly.

Last frame for today:


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lucius dinto said...

wii..foto yg terakhir..sipp2..
FYI..the litte statue in my mom's car is the guardian saint namely st. august *if i aint mistaken*