There isn't much traffic in this blog... but still, I want to wish a happy new year to everyone! Good luck to all of you, for whatever you're doing now or planning to do in this year... May all of us can keep our spirit to go after all of our dreams, no matter what obstacles there will be in our way. Cheers! :)

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Best regards,


tw said...

The same to you, Kurniadi.

Rey said...

Happy b'day, eh... Happy new year to you too Wid, wish this year will be much better for all of us.

Btw aku dah di Jkt lagi nih, duuhh sayang ya ndak sempet ketemu :(( Mo maen ke Jogja ujan terus sih Wid (kok jadi curhat?). Mgkn kpn2 ya Wid, pokoknya jgn tinggalkan aku... (apa sihh??)

Sebastian said...

the photo is a bit kitschy, isn't it, but hey, it's for a good purpose :p .. we had the happy-new-year-thing on dA alreay, but now i can add that i hope the new year will bring you clear goals in your photography! ;)

and since you're complaining bout few visitors :p .. have you installed google analytics? would help you to see who's visiting from where. from my experience something like 5-10% of the people who visit my photo blog leave a comment, so i think it's pretty much the same here, 5 comments should mean 25-50 readers then for an entry. aaah .. whatever. get google analytics! :P

Wid said...

@tw: thanks, mate. :)

@rey: next time, next time! :D

@seb: 12-24mm lens does make kitsch pictures! It's a friend's lens, I was pretty amused by the distortion... made other tacky pics as well, but I'd say one is enough to show. :p

And the low traffic remark wasn't meant as a complain, only wondering whether the new year post was really necessary at all considering the small number of readers. ^^;